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Aloha my name is Jeff



Maui has been home to me since childhood.  The years spent growing up here define so much of who I am.  This place and this culture are very much a part of me. Now I am raising my 3 sons here as well.  

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Both my mother and stepfather were photographers here in Maui.  I grew up assisting with the family business whether it was helping to set up lights or sorting negatives. (remember negatives? LOL)  

It was in my early 20s that I found the culinary world which excited the creative parts of me while appealing to my youthful energy.  However, throughout the 15 years, I spent in the kitchens I never put the camera down.

It was in 2015 I began to feel that creative pull back to photography.  So with every spare moment, I began to find myself again as a photographer.

Sticking with my strengths and some good old family programming I found my way to family photography.  This brings us to today....



(...when the kids do your headshots..) 


I am a local Maui resident, father, husband, and professional photographer.  I am confident that I can set even the least enthusiastic member of your family at ease and get great shots of your family at their best.  306981084_3262459907369100_7231951390123625796_n306981084_3262459907369100_7231951390123625796_n


(recent tip to WI)


I will be updating the site blog as often as possible to please follow for my Maui perspective.  Please enjoy the rest of my online portal and portfolio.


Thank you so much for considering New Way Photography Maui!


Jeff B